Whenever I plugged my iPad into my Mac, it will auto charge. For some reasons, I wanna turn this feature off. Is there anyway to do it? I searched but only got not revalent answers.


No, you can't. The only way this could be possible would be through disabling output charge from your Mac, but that's not possible either as far as I know. Another possible way would be to use a special kind of USB cable which allows data exchange without charging the device.


Plug it in to a USB hub. When my ipad is connected directly it charges, but when its plugged in to a hub thats connected the ipad reads "Not Charging" next to the battery icon.

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    This notice happens when the iPad is not acquiring enough power from the charging supply to charge the iPad, but keep in mind the distinction between not charging and not receiving any power at all — the iPad will still draw power from the computer, likely keeping the iPad battery at a similar level instead of decreasing with use. – grg Dec 19 '18 at 23:52

I looked around for a "data only cable" or one where you could "disable charging," and found nothing online that seemed relevant. It may be possible to have a "data sync only" with a Nokia device, but not an Apple device.

I found articles describing altering the 8-pin, but those resulted in shorting and other problems, so this is not advisable.

I also identified no apps that disable charging in the iOS App Store.

On thing you could do is turn on iTunes wi-fi syncing. Plug your iPad into your computer. Open iTunes. Click the checkbox that enables wi-fi syncing under "Options."

My iPad Pro says that it has to be plugged in to sync automatically, but I was able to do it manually without it being plugged in. Just go to General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync > Sync Now.

WiFi Sync

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