Is there a way to share a Photos album (regular or 'smart') via Dropbox? I know that I can copy the album to DB, but I'd rather create a symlink (or similar) so the photographs aren't duplicated on my HDD.


I recently tried to "Create Alias" for a photo folder, and then put the Alias in Dropbox. Then I went to dropbox.com to see if I could view the folder's contents. The folder is there, but the photos inside could not be viewed. This is the error message I got.

Create Alias Doesn't Work

When I clicked on "Open" it opened the Dropbox folder on my computer. This would not help me if I were away from my computer and using the web to access my files.

I did come across an app in the Mac App Store called, "Cloud Storage Helper." It bugs me that I don't understand how this app works (and maybe someone else on here does!), but I was able to create links from my computer into my cloud storage and access them online.

Cloud Storage Helper

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