I have misplaced my iPhone 6s password and it is saying it's disabled due to too many tries.

  • You could take the SIM card out, it contains the passcode – TwentyCharMax Aug 22 '16 at 22:32
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    @alex Not necessarily, the SIM passcode is different from the iPhone password. – nohillside Aug 23 '16 at 5:54

Unfortunately your device needs to be erased by one of the following procedures

  • If you've synced with iTunes, use iTunes.
  • If you're signed in to iCloud and Find My iPhone is enabled, use iCloud.
  • If you don't use iCloud and you can't sync or connect with iTunes, use recovery mode.

Apple has a support document describing the steps in detail, see If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or your device is disabled.

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1st way-

If your iPhone is connected to the internet, go to https://www.icloud.com/. Log in with your iCloud Id. Go to Find My iPhone, click on My Devices at the top middle of the screen. Click on your iPhone and click on the pop-up Erase iPhone. That should erase your iPhone and set it to the latest OS.

2nd way-

Download the latest iOS for your phone from here. Connect your phone to your PC. Open up iTunes. SHIFT and Click on restore iPhone. Choose the downloaded IPSW file. Wait for iTunes to Erase your phone.

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    Why do you propose downloading iOS from a non-apple site in option 2? Erase and restore of the iPhone from iTunes is possible without this (potentially dangerous) step. Also, erasing it via Find My iPhone will do just that (erase), it will not update the OS or do anything else. So you still need to set it up again (via iTunes or iCloud, whereever your backup is stored) afterwards. – nohillside Aug 23 '16 at 5:54

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