I have an iPad mini 2. Also I'm using Telegram application. When someone sends me a new message into telegram, my iPad's screen will be turned on (light on).. and that's a huge problem for me .. Because I'm a member of lots of groups and channels so I have more than 1000 new messages per day. And honestly I'm worried about my iPad's screen, I concern it will be broken, because it will be turn on/off constantly.

Anyway is there any approach to I disable the relationship between "my iPad's screen" and "new notifications"?

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I think, you have two (or maybe three) possibilities:

1. The "Do not disturb"-mode

When the "Do not disturb"-mode is enabled, your iPad won't make any sound and does not turn on the screen, when you get a notification. But you can still see the notifications on your lockscreen, when you turn on the display manually.

do not disturb

2. Turn of notifications for Telegram

If you turn of the notifications for Telegram, you won't be notified about any message. That would solve your problem, but I think you still want to see notifications for some of your chats?

(3. Mute some chats)

Since I'm not using Telegram, I'm not sure, if this is possible. But any modern messenger has options to mute individual chats for a while, so they won't send you push-notifications anymore.


I stumbled upon this and there is now another way to receive notifications without having the screen light up.

Swipe right on a notification and click on manage. Then click deliver quietly. Notifications will not alert you but are sent directly to the notification centre.

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