There are a bunch of kids in our house using wifi. When one is watching HD video on Youtube, everyone else can hardly load a webpage.

How can I customize the Apple Airport to throttle usage for all machines using the wifi?

  • The Airport Utility doesn't support connection throttling, so you may be out of luck here. – nohillside Aug 21 '16 at 15:50

Apple's hardware doesn't perform Quality of Service - so you'd want to install a router that has QOS between the AirPort and the internet connection.

If all the children are on Mac or iOS - you could install a network link conditioner, but that is generally harder to administer and less effective at letting faster access when there isn't contention on the connection out of the house.

Before you select a new router, you'll want to determine what the total network speed is for the house. Optimizing for 10 users on 6/1 ADSL service is going to be harder than 4 users of 100 MB or fiber. The tools are the same, but the decisions you make and the end results will vary.

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