Have had MAcBook for about 4 yrs., this is first time I can recall using ethernet, and computer doesn't see it.

SD card reader quit working some time ago but USB is okay.

Ran diagnostic getting 4MEM/9/40000000 0:0x7f1c1390 error.

My Networks

  • Welcome to Ask Different. It's helpful if you provide the exact model of your MacBook Pro as well as the version of OS X you are running. Also, in Terminal, issue the command system_profiler SPNetworkDataType. You will get a bunch of info; look for the section that says "Ethernet" and paste that info to your question. As for your error - that's a memory issue, so you could be having two separate issues here. – Allan Aug 19 '16 at 22:31

Under the list of network interfaces on the left that you have in the screenshot, press the + (plus) icon. For Interface, select Ethernet. Press Create. Does that work?

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