The version of safari is 9.1.2 (11601.7.7)

I am using OSX El Capitan 10.11.6

I have a web page which contains a lot of images. I find that some images seem to be not cached by safari. Here is an screenshot of an example

enter image description here

If I try to load this particular image in a new tab, the image can be loaded without issue. The initial loading of the image file took some time to complete. It indicates safari tried to fetch the file from the server.

In the resource tab you can see the return code is 200 and cached is set to NO.

If I refreshed the tab, the image appeared relatively quickly (comparing with the first load). However the return code is still 200 and cached is set to NO in the resource tab.

enter image description here

My question:

  • Is it conclusive that safari does not alway cache image?
  • Is there anyway I can force safari to cache image files?

Any resource/explanation that can help me to understand the safari caching mechanism is appreciated.

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