Before I upgraded to Lion Server, I was running 10.7.1

I setup Internet Sharing in the preferences

(Share from Ethernet 1 to Ethernet 2).

After the upgrade, sharing doesn't work unless I take the following steps

  1. Login
  2. Turn off Internet Sharing
  3. Turn Internet Sharing back on

So the question is can I have Internet Sharing on and running even if no one is logged in?



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The answer is yes.

I'm typing you this answer through an InternetSharing connexion provided by an iMac running MacOS Lion (10.7.3) where no one is connected:

me -> MBP    ………Wi-Fi………   iMac   ………Ethernet………   Internet 
      10.6.8               10.7.3

I'm using such a connection for professionnal use since MacOS 10.4 with no one connected (on the Mac running InternetSharing). This connection was used by 5 other Mac (10.4, 10.5, 10.6) and might be considered as a nearly professional grade network.

When you login when your InternetSharing is faulty, could you type in a Terminal or xterm window:

ifconfig -a
ps ax | egrep '(bootp|natp)'

My first blind guess is that your main Ethernet connection was shut down under the responsability of your Energy Saver tuning.


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