I don't know exactly when it began but for few months i have problem with bluetooth speakers. When they connected to mac iTunes starts to play music from it's playlist. How can i disable this function?

Also when my mac is in sleep mode and bluetooth speakers are connected, mac suddenly wakes up and start to play music from iTunes.


This is a common issue on Mac. Here is the tutorials that works fine on my rMBP with OSX 10.11:

1) Open a Terminal Window

2) Rename iTunes.app to MyiTunes.app

3) Create a DoNothing.app using the AppleScript Editor

4) Copy the DoNothing.app to the Applications folder

5) Connect a bluetooth device to get the "Where is iTunes?" window prompt and Select DoNothing.app as what to auto-launch instead of iTunes 6) Closing thoughts about updates etc.

Resource: https://discussions.apple.com/message/25425864#message25425864

  • This no longer works on newer versions of MacOS (i.e. 10.13) with System Integrity Protection enabled – andrewcockerham Nov 10 '18 at 18:02

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