I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inches, late-2013), I'm planning to buy a 1440p monitor.

1- Does my MacBook model support this resolution @60Hz via the HDMI port?

2- If so, how does it affect its overall performance?

3- If not, what's the optimal setup for a 1440p external display to be used with this model?

PS: I will use the monitor for an extended desktop, not for mirroring.


Yes, it supports up to 4K at 30Hz (3840x2160) or 24Hz (4096x2160). It will work at 60Hz for 2560x1440.

Your thunderbolt (Mini-DisplayPort) supports 30Hz at 3840x2160.

I can't say how much it will affect system performance, but you do have a Intel Iris 5100 (graphics processor), so I'm guessing you'll be fine unless you're doing graphically intense things.

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