I have recently had to upgrade to Windows 10, and with the 2 subsequent downloads of iTunes, I can no longer sort playlists by Name (Song title), which is what I prefer on my iPods. They USED to sort like the Songs list does (just click on Name and voila). Now I get fancy, multi-coloured lists I can't read or manipulate in any way. Not user-friendly at all. Help!

If I hadn't just had to completely re-create all playlists; all ratings, and reinstall all music into iTunes with the change, I'd be a lot more patient, but this is already a 6-month project to get back to where I was before.


Found here:

When displaying your playlist, hopefully you see something like this. If you do not, while viewing the playlist, use iTunes' menu to choose View > View As > Songs


Then in the header row that says "Name ... Time ... Artist ...", choose the field you wish to sort on and click that header button.


The layout will be different on Windows, as the menus are inside the app itself [accessed by pressing Alt if not already visible] but the method is the same...

View Menu > View As > Songs
Then you can click any column header to sort on that column [current sort on Title highlighted with the red square].

enter image description here

  • Often this does not work. Instead of being able to move songs within a playlist all I get is a blue frame around the entire playlist (song view). – rudy d. Oct 14 '18 at 7:26

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