A while ago, I lost the "Move to Dropbox" option in my Finder's contextual menu, and, originally, I didn't make much of it since I read that it was an issue/bug in OS X, which Dropbox reported to Apple. I recently installed Dropbox on my work Mac and noticed that the option displays as expected, so I'm trying to restore it on my home Mac.

EDIT: Image for reference enter image description here

I'm currently running Sierra beta 5, but the issue also occurred in El Capital. So far, I've tried the following coupled with killing the Finder process each time:

  • Toggling the Finder integration via Dropbox
  • Uninstalling Dropbox with AppCleaner and reinstalling
  • Deleting ~/.dropbox folder
  • Deleting ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache folder
  • Deleting /Library/DropboxHelperTools folder, which Dropbox recreated
  • Toggling Finder integration in System Preferences > Extensions
  • Toggling System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services > Folder Actions Setup...
  • Disabling (and later re-enabling) csrutil
  • Restarting Mac

The latest version of Dropbox doesn't have the "Fix Permissions" option anymore, so I can't try that, but I have in the past. What I find strange is that the contextual menu options within the Dropbox folder display as expected, while not in my local folders.

As you can tell, I've done my research to no avail, so any help would be appreciated!


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I discovered that the contextual menu option only displays within folders on the primary drive. Since my Documents, Downloads, etc. folders are on a secondary drive, it doesn't display, despite the fact that my Dropbox folder is also on this secondary drive.

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