Is there a tutorial on how to use the documentation for Script Editor and Javascript?

I've been using AppleScript and Automator (with JavaScript) for a while but not extensively. I love how it works and what you can do with it. My problem is that I find very confusing the documentation (from Apple's website and from Script Editor's Library menu). I've been experimenting and doing stuff based mostly on examples.

I am familiar with PHP and Java Documentation which are great, is there some kind of easy to understand docs?

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Apple has not updated their scripting documentation for JavaScript. The most recent documentation appears in the OS X 10.11 Release Notes - JavaScript for Automation.

There is extensive documentation for AppleScript in the AppleScript Language Guide.

MacStories has published a tutorial Getting Started with JavaScript for Automation on Yosemite.

Both this tutorial and Ash Ryan's Script Editor on Mac now lets you use JavaScript for automation mention a WWDC 2014: “JavaScript for Automation” which is probably the best place to learn more.


The Mac Automation Scripting Guide is a good site with documentation for both AppleScript and JavaScript for Automation. It teaches in both languages.

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