I have added custom folder icons to some of the folders in my Dropbox. I would like this to get synced across devices, but it seems that it does not. Is there a way to get custom icons to sync with Dropbox?

On Windows XP (if mind serves me right) I think I could use desktop.ini files in a folder to set some preferences. Perhaps there is something similar for Mac?

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Your icon files are stored in the .DS_Store file located in each folder. This file is what contains the metadata of the folder including the custom icon, the icon spacing, etc.

What is a .DS_Store file?

Drop Box, does not sync this particular file. According to their help guide .DS_Store is ignored:

enter image description here

This means that your custom icon won't get synced. You will have to create the custom icon manually.

  • Great explanation, but still a bit sad. I guess they do it to avoid users having lots of hidden duplicate files.
    – Henrik
    Aug 9, 2016 at 5:52

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