When I plug in my Apple earbuds to record audio, much like I do on my iPhone for video blogs, I can use the earbuds microphone to record crisper audio than the internal mic. I want to do the same on my Mac.

When I open Quicktime and I select an audio input (whether I'm doing a screen recording or audio recording), it only allows me to select the internal microphone, whether they're plugged in or not.

enter image description here

I tested to see if it was picking up my earbuds and if I had the speakers on, and take a screenshot. The internal audio mic picks up the noise every time.

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A simple google search pulled this Apple document. According to this, your mac must be equipped to use the Mic and Remote for the Apple Earphones. A simple way to check is to go to System Preferences > Sound > Input. If there is an "External microphone" listed in the Input tab, your computer can use the microphone included with Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic.

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