So I have this "Citrix Receiver" item in my menu bar and I want to remove it. I have looked to see if I have an app in my system by that name and there is nothing. I did a search and nothing comes up. I have used "App Cleaner" to search for it and try to clean it and nothing.

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Can someone please tell me how I can get rid of it? It won't even open when I click on "Open Citrix Receiver". It is unresponsive. Is there a way I can remove it?


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To uninstall the Citrix Receiver for Mac, open the CitrixReceiver.dmg file and select Uninstall Citrix Receiver.

After uninstalling the Receiver and rebooting the system, ensure that the files or folders listed in this section have been removed from your system. If they still exist, remove them manually.


  • Citrix Receiver.app


  • /Internet plug-ins/CitrixICAClientPlugIn.plugin
  • /LaunchAgents/com.citrix.AuthManager_Mac.plist
  • /LaunchAgents/com.citrix.ServiceRecords.plist


  • /Citrix/Receiver Integration (entire folder)


  • /Internet plug-ins/CitrixICAClientPlugIn.plugin
  • /Application Support/Citrix Receiver
    • CitrixID
    • Config
    • Module
  • /Preferences/com.citrix.receiver.nomas.plist
  • /Preferences/com.citrix.receiver.nomas.plist.lockfile
  • /Preferences/com.citrix.ReceiverFTU.AccountRecords.plist (added in 11.6)
  • /Preferences/com.citrix.ReceiverFTU.AccountRecords.plist.lockfile (added in 11.6)


  • Under this folder, you can delete any applications you previously added via the Receiver UI.


  • com.citrix.ICAClient.bom
  • com.citrix.ICAClient.plist

To get to some of these locations faster using Finder, hit Command+Shift+G (or use menu Go > Go to Folder...) and paste the location there.

More info on the Citrix website.

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