I would like to consolidate several iCal calendars. So, I'm wondering if there is a way to move all events from one iCal calendar to another. I'm not interested in changing the time, etc. of any of the events, as asked here, and I'm not interested in simply deleting all the events in my calendar, as asked here.

I'm running iCal Version 5.0 (1535) on OS X 10.7.

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  • Select one of the calendars you want to merge
  • choose File->Export...->Export
  • Make sure the filename matches the calender you've chosen above. The calendar will be exported to a .ics file
  • Choose File->Import...->Import and find the file you've just saved.
  • ical will ask you to which calendar it should add the events. Just select the another one of the calendars you want to merge.
  • repeat until all calendars are merged.
  • This didn't work for me. iCal 5.0.1. exported "No Category" imported it specifying Work and the events only show up when No Category is selected under calenders :( k
    – user12371
    Oct 18, 2011 at 20:46

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