I am currently a thousand miles away from home and will be for 2 months more. Today, another bad thing appended on my Weekend, locking myself out of my mobile, since I wrote the PIN wrongly 3 times. However, tomorrow I will have to go to work, how am I going to wake up?!

I went to Calendar and set up an event with a message with sound, but this does only make a very short sound and pops up a screen notification. These two are unlikely to wake me up.

How to tell my laptop to behave like an alarm clock?

I am not worried at all for energy consumption at the moment and I have my laptop charging.


Open the Mac App Store and search for "Alarm Clock". Take your pick from the many apps that will do the job.


If you have a reliable internet connection, you can try this site, which has Countdown, Alarm and Stopwatch modes.

My brother uses this free (with in-app upgrades) OS X app available in the App Store.

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