As a newbie to Macs I thought putting files into iCloud would save me SSD space, but now I see that is not the case. I also have Dropbox and I was wondering if there is a way to transfer files from iCloud to Dropbox and use Dropbox's selective sync option to keep some of the files stored there from cluttering up my SSD.

Early 2015 MacBook Air, 128 GB SSD, OS X 10.11.5 "El Capitan".


You could just drag the files from the iCloud folder to the DropBox folder.

Do them a bit at a time to ensure that you have enough disk space to complete the transfer.

If your available disk space is less than the size of the largest file on your iCloud Drive (i.e. you have few, very large files) - you could upload it on the DropBox web site to store it in Dropbox without requiring extra local storage right away.

  • that was very helpful, but there is one folder containing many files that I want to put into a designated dropbox folder of the same name. Otherwise each individual folder will just take a place in Dropbox by its alphabetical title. Can you suggest a way to move the entire folder at once? – crbnstein Jul 30 '16 at 23:26
  • Meant to say Otherwise each individual FILE will just take a place in Dropbox by its alphabetical title. And there are 11,295 items in the folder I want to move 2.4 GB. – crbnstein Jul 30 '16 at 23:30
  • You just open the Dropbox folder, and then drag all the files from that iCloud Drive folder over. You can select all the elements at once by using Cmd-a. – jksoegaard Jul 31 '16 at 7:34
  • The Cmd-a function did not transfer all the subfolders along with the main folder. It is a quick way to transfer each of the subfolder, but there are so many of them that it is becoming tedious. Is there some way that I can just transfer the whole main folder and all the subfolders move also? – crbnstein Jul 31 '16 at 21:22
  • Just drag the main folder over and it should transfer all its files and subfolders. Cmd-a definitely selects both files and subfolders. If this is not working for you, please describe exactly what you do and what you see on screen. – jksoegaard Aug 1 '16 at 7:18

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