I decided to try to turn on Filevault; the problem is I can NOT log into my Wordpress websites back end.

It keeps saying that my passwords are wrong.

I go to another Mac that has Filevault turned OFF and try and I get in with no problems. Is Filevault messing up with the data?

It's saying it will take 2 days to encrypt. I'm ready to just erase the damn hard drive and start all over again.

  • I don't see a good reason why enabling FV and your Wordpress login issues should be related. You don't run your website backend on the Mac currently encrypting its HD, I assume? Did you try with a different browser? – nohillside Jul 28 '16 at 18:19
  • I've seen WordPress behave badly on some machines after a while. On my iPad, for instance, I often can't log in through .../wp-admin, but can through another login page. Likely something's off with your browser's cache and/or cookies. – MetalMikester Jan 26 '17 at 19:22

I run many a wordpress site and have turned filevault on and off without issue. I can't think of how the two would get in eachother's way, but perhaps try changing the keys in wp-config.php to force expiry of any stale sessions/cookies? This page generates new ones for you.

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