I am preparing a new application, and iOS requires screenshots of the application. They ask for screenshots in the following sizes:

enter image description here

Is it necessary to upload screenshots for all resolutions?

What will be the ramifications if I only upload screenshots for 5.5-Inch and iPad?


From what I understand if you only upload 5.5inch and iPad, they'll just reject you outright. Currently, it looks like they require at least 4 and 3.5. If you indicate it's optimized for iPhone 6, it also requires a 4.7.

It looks like if it indicates that it runs on iPad you need both an iPad an iPad Pro.

Check out the requirements for yourself here: iTunes Connect Dev Guide

Remember, required/requirements means it's mandatory.


Now you only need to upload a 5.5-inch screenshot

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    This is an answer, @Peter . It says you only have to upload one size. It might be a right answer or a wrong answer - people should vote and comment and possibly edit to explain or source the answer with documentation. – bmike Jun 22 '17 at 11:53

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