I have a Mac Mini sitting in a remote location (another country). To administer it, I use the screen sharing application.

There is an update for Server, which I would like to install. However, when I click install, it warns:

Updating will stop any Server services that are running. Relaunch Server after the update completes to re-enable services.

The issue with that is that VNC is one of the services that Server is providing. My concern is that if Server stops, will I lose my VNC connection, and then be unable to relaunch Server?

How can I "safely" update Server using remote access tools?

(The "it's in a different country" aspect precludes me from being adventurous and just trying it out).

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VNC is one of the base OS X services, and is not provided by Server.app. You can safely update Server if VNC is the only service you need to connect. I have updated server many times in the past over VNC.

However, if you are using Server's VPN to make a secure connection and are running VNC on top of that, you may have problems. VPN is one of the services provided by Server.app, and it will be turned off when updating Server.

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