This is specifically for the Writer, but if you want to add Spreadsheets too, I don't mind.

I am trying to do things like indent/unindent from the keyboard. Couldn't find (very quick look) in the menu, so no shortcuts from there.

I've looked at Shortcut Keys for LibreOffice Writer which doesn't seem to care too much about Macs (no Apple command button mentions), but I have also noticed that

I have also looked at Tools, Customize, Keyboard and I guess I could figure it out and customize it from there. This question is just asking if there is a cheatsheet that I can look at somewhere already with Mac specifics.

p.s. the linked doc page says that Ctrl+A does select all. And I can do that with ⌘+A. Does that mean any CTRL on that doc means ⌘ on Apple?

  • Generally speaking yes, substitute ⌘ for Ctrl for use on a Mac, however not all shortcuts listed in the linked document may work on a Mac. – user3439894 Jul 21 '16 at 23:31
  • Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured. Thanks for confirmation. If you care, write it up as an answer and I'll accept it if no one points to a cheatsheet somewhere (I'll wait for a few days first though). – JL Peyret Jul 22 '16 at 0:46

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