On my home machine (which is still on Mavericks) I can load mission control and move multiple windows from a single app by dragging the app icon (instead of the individual windows) to another work space.

This icon is not available in El Capitan, is there another way I can do this or at least a work around for it?


Enable “Group windows by application” in Mission Control preferences:

System Preferences pane

That will bring back the app icon in Mission Control, which would allow you to drag all windows of a given app between spaces:

App icon in Mission Control


There's a workaround, though not as efficient as your previous method...

Right click the App's icon in the Dock, select Options > All Desktops.
Switch to your preferred Space. [I use the Ctrl ⌃ [number] method.]
From the Dock again, turn the Option back to None.

enter image description here

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