I love Time Machine's functionality. However, I just hate that while the GUI is displayed, I cannot do anything else. It's slow. Slowness is more or less* understandable, given I am using it over Wi-Fi, but it takes fullscreen and defeats multitasking. So I am looking for a way to either

  • force it to a window
  • re-enable Spaces when it is on screen (as it disables it, for some change reason)
  • perhaps an alternative GUI that does not have these problems (I know about BackupLoupe, but am still looking for options. it seems to take a lot of time 'indexing', I am not sure if this is a necessary step, it is very lengthy*)

I am using El Capitan.

*: I know that I can in fact retrieve files very fast from the command line, it's not as convenient as looking up files, and file attributes are off if I don't use the proper ditto/rsync options, which I always forget because I need it rarely

  • Which GUI are you referring to? The one in which you restore files/folder from backup? – oarfish Jul 17 '16 at 12:46
  • 1
    @oarfish, The Time Machine GUI In this case is referring to the Starfield Background Time Machine User Interface since it is the only Time Machine window that is both full screen and modal. The Time Machine Preferences window is not a modal window and normally is not shown in full screen. – user3439894 Jul 17 '16 at 14:02

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