I have two recent Airport Extremes and a Netgear router (with wifi turned off). I'd like to connect one of the Airports to the Netgear via ethernet, and have that Airport provide a wifi network called ALPHA. Then I'd like to use the second Airport to extend the ALPHA network such that the extended wifi is named BRAVO.

I've looked at the Airport Utility and I get the impression that if an existing Airport wifi network is extended using a second Airport, the extension wifi will have the same name as the source wifi from the first Airport: that is, ALPHA with no option to use the name BRAVO.

However, I may be wrong. Is there to way to give the second extender the wifi name BRAVO?

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You can change the base station name in AirPort Utility by following these steps:

  1. Open AirPort Utility
  2. Click on the AirPort of whose name you want to change
  3. Click Enter Password and enter the password if necessary
  4. If this isn't necessary, click Edit
  5. Navigate to the Base Station tab of the menu
  6. Edit the name, then hit Update

But in terms of changing the Wi-Fi name, this is not possible unless you give the AirPort its own network, instead of extending an existing one. It will use the same name as the source network, like you said.

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