I've been running into trouble recently with a NAS device, Seagate 5TB storage system with a Linux back-end. Whenever I connect to the device with an AFP connection, the drive connects with no issues, and I can browse files and folders with ease. After a while though, Yosemite decides to mount another version of the NAS using SMB. This SMB connection is riddled with issues; folder names show off an old 8.3 NTFS name, and sometimes they cannot be changed.

How can I stop my Mac from connecting an additional SMB connection the NAS?


Clear your login credentials out of your keychain.

For instance, on my Synology Diskstation NAS, I have the following saved for SMB:

enter image description here

Once you delete it, OS X will no longer try to connect to the share.

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    This was the case, but it also turns out that I had favorites mapped to an older SMB connection. I've since re-added all the favorites to be under the AFP connection. Thanks for the answer, even if it was a bit simple! :) – Kaizerwolf Jul 15 '16 at 18:08
  • Sometimes it's the simple ones that get us tripped up. I've been there many times! :-) – Allan Jul 15 '16 at 18:17

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