What is the X Server equivalent on OSX? I am not looking for XQuartz. What component of the OSX is responsible for rendering graphics? Just as X11 does for *nix.

  • Do you want to know how windows and graphics in general are rendered in OSX or do you want to know how to access a Mac remotely? These are two different things, please edit your question to focus on one. You can always ask the other part in a separate question.
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  • @patrix Okay. I removed the part asking about the X11 forwarding. I want to know how graphics are handled on the OSX. In any case I thought that the answer to the "Is there a way to natively forward GUI elements" would be a "yes, <software name>" or "No." :-)
    – Lord Loh.
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What I was looking for turns out to be the display server called The Quartz Compositor that along with Quartz 2D forms the Core Graphics framework of the OSX.

X Quartz seems to be the interface that routes requests from applications that use the X11 framework to the Quartz Compositor.


Quartz Compositor is the display server and compositing window manager. Along with Quartz 2D, it forms part of the macOS Core Graphics framework.

XQuartz is an Apple supported, aftermarket, open-source, Quartz-compatible implementation of the X.Org display server with support for integration with the Aqua GUI & desktop environnent.

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