I recently deleted all of my pictures and backed them up on an app called Shoebox. I did it to save space on my iPhone 6s. I decided it wasn't for me and everything was out place. It was making things complicated and I didn't want it anymore. I now have all my pictures backed up on the app, but don't know how to sync them all back. I don't know if it's possible, but if it isn't I was wondering if I could recover my recently deleted section? If I can, how do I do it?


If you have a backup you had made before deleting those photos, you can restore from it and you would have all your photos. Restoring photos from the 'Recently deleted' section, however, is impossible as of now.

You can find more information about restoring from an iTunes or iCloud backup here.


First you can see if you can still recover it from the "Recently Deleted" album in your Photos app? If you deleted all of those, the only way you can recover them is to export all your photos from Shoebox. Note that it won't be the original size (12 MP for 6S) if you took the free option, and will only be getting the 10.6 MP photos. If you are paying the $5 a month, you will get the full resolution of 12 MP.

To export these photos, log in and export your photos from: https://secure.shoeboxapp.com/export

After export, throw them all in 1 folder, then you can sync that folder with iTunes.

See the Shoebox FAQ page. If you need more help, feel free to comment. :)


There are two possibilities for iOS and deleted photos:

  1. If they are from your camera roll, you have no backup unless you sync the photos or have an iCloud or iTunes backup. There is an iCloud setting to automatically import all camera roll photos into Photos app - so check there too.
  2. If the photos are in Photos app:
    1. If you have iCloud photo library on - the deleted photos are in an album you can look at from any computer http://icloud.com/photos and from the devices signed into iCloud (macOS or iOS and possibly tvOS)
    2. If you don't have iCloud photo library on - you need to have a device backup that you can restore to this or another device (same as if you were to restore files from camera roll backup).

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