I have a 5th generation AirPort Time Capsule (3TB) with an additional G-DRIVE GEN4 (3TB) external hard-drive attached to it. The external hard-drive has an on/off switch.

Is it possible- and how can I make it so that the external hard-drive turns off or hibernates after a period of being idle, without turning off the power switch? I don't want it to be always active.

The external hard-drive is not used as a Time Machine backup drive; I'm only using it as a network share/network-attached storage, so that we can share files more easily within the household.


Not possible. The Time Capsule does not supported that feature.

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  • I asked Apple support and the hard-drive manufacturer, and they both said the same thing. Doesn't seem like it's possible. – Leif Jul 15 '16 at 16:20

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