I'm not allowed to have a snapchat due to very overprotective parents. I download and delete the app multiple times a day so that I won't get caught. Today I deleted it and tried to get it back a few hours later but it didn't work. I proceeded to try to redownload the app multiple times but it still wouldn't work. I click on the little iCloud button and it acts like it's going to load but then the iCloud button just pops up again:/ I've tried restarting my phone multiple times, resetting all my settings, and signing out of my apple/iTunes account. If you have any ideas please help me out!


There is currently an issue with the App Store affecting some apps, including Snapchat and Netflix, but select other apps as well. I couldn't update Snapchat and I also can't redownload it. Hopefully the problem is fixed soon. But it's not just you.

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