I upgraded to 2016 but it wasn't really an upgrade but a parallel install

Then i imported my default identify from outlook 2011 into the 2016 and 2016 is working fine and then i deleted my outlook 2011 identity to save space

Now i want to uninstall 2011

and i was trying to follow

How to completely remove Office for Mac 2011


  1. Can i follow all the instructions from the above link and this will not break my 2016?
  2. Or do i need to follow a subset of instructions or there are completely different instructions?

Considering the instructions for the removal of Office 2016 for Mac I think you can without a problem follow the instructions for removal of 2011. I have quickly compared both instructions and did not see any matching folders being mentioned.

However, please compare it yourself and make a backup before you continue. I suggest you make a Time Machine backup and/or a clone of your drive before you continue.

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