I made some capacitive styli with my brother, following this video on Cnet.

I tried using it with the Wacom notebook app, and the handwriting is a teensy bit too large to work as well as a real live "dead tree" notebook.

At the moment, the app feels like a wide ruled notebook, and I'd love to be able to write as much as a college ruled notebook.

Is the problem the tip of the sponge on my styli, or is it the resolution of the iPad?

What can I do to improve the accuracy, so that I can fit more handwritten text on the page?

  • Can you use your fingers to make smaller strokes with the wacom app than you can with the stylus? Maybe it is just a limitation of how small it will draw the line in that particular app. Commented Sep 9, 2011 at 5:27

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This is a limitation of the iPad screen. No stylus will feel like a real pen. Future versions will likely have more sensitive screens. The best you can do is think of it as a giant index card and a fat marker.

The Wacom software improves the situation a tiny bit by having the zoom mode when writing. You can find other software that allows more zoom, which would make the final product look like a normal page of text, but the act of writing will not be improved.

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