Is there a way to get an iOS device to connect to an Airplay server and/or Bluetooth audio device by default?

I would like my iPad to use my Mac computer's speakers by default, instead of the iPad internal speakers.

I can think of two options:

  • Run an AirServer or Airfoil server on the Mac, and somehow get the iPad to connect to that Airplay server by default when it's online.
  • Trick the iPad into believing that the Mac is a Bluetooth speaker, and get it to connect there by default.

Both options above would probably require some sort of third-party software like AirServer or Airfoil – or something for Bluetooth – but the big question is if it's possible to get an iOS device to connect by default to an external sound source.

Btw, the way I solve this problem today is simply connecting the iPad to my speakers via an Aux 3.5 mm cable, and simply bypass the computer altogether. I am however thinking of getting a portable Bluetooth speaker or a portable Airplay speaker, and I'm trying to learn how easy it is to use these technologies to use a default audio output. A big advantage of Bluetooth over Airplay would be if it's easier to set a standard output device via Bluetooth, rather than having to use the pesky iOS control center every time one of the devices are put to sleep or shut down.

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Right now you can only set the default audio routing for calls (phone calls, Skype, FaceTime) by changing the setting for it in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Call Audio Routing.

There is no method to change the default audio routing for media at this point in time.

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