I went for a jog with my Apple Watch and iPhone in order to calibrate my Apple Watch activity monitoring. Annoyingly, I must've chosen the Outdoor Walk activity and not Outdoor Run. Where I used to get excercise minutes for brisk walks, I no longer do.

Is there anyway to reset the calibration so that I can do it again?



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Here is another option: In running trails with my Apple Watch and iPhone the calibration is not correct. Miles is not correct because of switch backs and trees. What I do is go to the Watch app on my iPhone, Tap the My Watch tab then tap Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Reset Calibration Data. This erases the calibration and I can start over with a clean slate. You do not have to reset everything using this method.

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    Awesome. I didn't realize this option was there.
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Unpairing and re-pairing your WATCH used to reset your calibration data. However, as of watchOS 2.x, this is no longer the case, as that data now gets backed up to your iPhone.

It seems you are left with three options:

  1. Take your WATCH on a few walks with the Workout app, hoping it eventually recalibrates itself.
  2. Reset your WATCH as new by going into the Settings app on your WATCH.
  3. Unpair your WATCH and perform an unencrypted backup of your iPhone to iTunes. Then restore your iPhone from backup, and pair your WATCH once again. You will lose all health data, passwords, etc. from your iPhone as well.

Seems #2 would be the most straightforward approach, although you could try #1 for a while and see if that’s enough.

I added #3 for completeness’s sake only 😊


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