I got the "startup disk full" message so I moved several of my massive folders to an external hard drive, deleted the folders I just moved off my Mac and yes, emptied the Trash bin.

It then said I had 83.14 GB of free space (I previously only had two!) And THEN, I moved another folder full of videos I had previously overlooked, it was 14 GB, deleted the folder from the Mac and emptied the Trash but then when I went to check the space it said 79 GB of free space! 4 GB LESS free space after moving and deleting a 14 GB folder!!!

How is this possible?

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The last few times I had issues like you describe, I emptied trash and rebooted. I found that certain video apps left a cache that was gone after rebooting.


The video folder was used in iTunes or another app? then that other app still has the previews and the playlist, and the cache is not emptied...

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