I want to access MacBook Pro OS 10.11.15 files from a Windows 7. Can read files ok but writing causes permission problem. ERROR AT WINDOWS IS: "You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from the computer's administrator to make changes to this file."

At MacBook, I cannot enable Read & Write for my MacBook account.

I select my hard disk. Open Get Info > Sharing & Permissions. But + button is grayed out.

So then I tried going to the folder I'm working with; open Get Info > Sharing & Perm..; my present account is not listed; the + is enabled so I click it; the list shows my present account, but disabled (grayed out)

THINGS I'VE TRIED SO FAR, THAT DIDN'T WORK: opening Windows File Explorer with "run as administrator." At Mac > Terminal window: set permission of root to read & write (chmod a+rw *) Set permission of target folder to read & write: cd to folder chmod -Rf a+rw * Turned off Mac and Windows Filewalls.

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Solution: Mac > Sys Prefs > Sharing > File Sharing > Shared Folders: select Users > Everyone: changed from 'read' to 'Read & Write' fixes it.

BUT, the best solution is this: Leave 'Everyone' as 'Read only' or remove 'Everyone'.

Press [+] box and add Mac account that is same name as my current Windows account, and set it to read & write. What magic!

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    Allowing Everyone to Read and Write folders is not really ideal for any semblance of security.
    – benwiggy
    Mar 21, 2023 at 14:43

UPDATED MARCH 2023 Problem happened again on a new Mac.
solution: file > Get Info > Sharing & Permissions > click lock/unlock in lower right
Now (+) works.
(+) > select my account (ie. (Me) )
It added a line with Me Priv: Read
I set Priv to: Read & Write

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