I installed latest version of git into /usr/local/bin and change $PATH so that new version is picked up when using shell. Can I remove old version that is in /usr/bin directory ? I am afraid to do it because something could break in the system maybe. I am just curious about this.

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    The short answer is NO. Do not remove git from /usr/bin. If you did then you are now responsible for maintaining the system. At any point a software update could re-install the file. Adjust your PATH and leave it alone. – fd0 Jul 1 '16 at 18:39
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There is a good answer over on Stack Overflow: How to upgrade Git to latest version on Mac OS X?

Basically, you want to use brew to install and manage your (separate) git installation and leave the one provided by Apple alone. You will obviously have to have Home Brew installed initially.

To install:

brew install git

To update:

brew upgrade git
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