As a part of my workflow, I often face this scenario:

  • I have a folder with let's say, 100 files named 1.mov to 100.mov
  • I have a list of valid files let's say, files 1.mov, 2.mov .... 15.mov (These names can be random)

Now I want finder to separate the valid files from the heap of original files by either marking them or creating a new folder and copying them recursively.

How can I achieve this with automator?

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Given a text file, filelist.txt, containing the files enumerated, one per line, the following command will move those files (and only those files) found in the current directory and beneath it, to a directory, destination, located in the user's Documents folder:

xargs -J % find . -name % -exec mv {} ~/Documents/destination/ \; < filelist.txt

xargs: accepts the files listed coming from stdin (or in this case, filelist.txt), replacing their path into the % variable in the following find command

find: locates those files if they exist, then executes the following command on each file

mv: moves the found file, represented by {}, to the destination

Incorporating this line into an Automator workflow is left to the reader.

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