It's possible saying to Siri: "Show me my current location". Then it opens maps and marks the current position there.

One can then setting a persistent mark by using touch-screen.

Now I ask myself: Is it possible to set this pin via Siri?

Or more precise: It there a command for saying "Hey Siri. Mark my current position in maps durable!"

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I think this is not achievable via Siri, but you can still use Siri and a couple of taps to get what you're asking for.

"Hey Siri, where am I?"

All you have to do to Mark your current location, using Siri, is following these few simple steps:

  1. Ask Siri "Where am I?" or similar questions;
  2. It will pop you up a preview of your location in Maps, tap on that preview to get into it;
  3. Tap the blue circle (which represents you) and tap on Mark my location.

That's it, if you want to use Siri and a shortcut to get in Maps at your current location, this are the steps to follow.

In case you would prefer to directly share your location, you'll want to follow the same exact steps, except the last one, where you'll have to Tap on Share my location, rather than on Mark my location, and that's it.

Hope this helped you out!


You can

  • Install the Shortcuts app
  • Search for “Share Location” in the Gallery
  • Edit the shortcut, to send the location only to yourself.
  • Disable “show when run” for the “Send” action.

Then “Siri, share my location” will (hands-free) send you a message with your current GPS coordinates.

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