My two displays (let call them A and B) have separate spaces. I can go back and forth among the spaces on the active/focussed display A. Is it possible to go back and forth among the spaces on B with keyboard shortcuts and without moving the focus to B?

I do not mean assigning keyboard shortcuts to each space, because there are more than ten spaces and plenty of maximized windows.


There is another question here on Ask Different that answer this question: Keyboard shorcut to switch focus between multiple displays on OS X 10.9.5 + (mavericks, el capitan, sierra)

Here's the quick summary:

There are some utilities (window managers) that allow you to assign a keyboard shortcut to the focus of a specific monitor. They are as follows (links provided):

  • Catchmouse (No longer available so it's a moot point here)
  • Divvy - $13
  • SizeUp - $13
  • Slate - Open Source, Free. Functional, but there's a lot of manual configuration to be done here and not as easy as the paid software.
  • it is said that this small script solves the problem, I do no know where to put this script. This answer reports that he solved my problem and gives this config file for Slate; but it did not work for me. – Kadir Jun 29 '16 at 7:28
  • You put the scripts in your home directory. I suggest you read the documentation: JavaScript Configs. If the script doesn't work, you should contact the author of the config/script. Remember, this being open source you have to do a lot of the customization yourself. If this is beyond your scope, you should look at one of the paid software applications. – Allan Jun 29 '16 at 12:11

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