I have this very restrictive work e-mail account which I cannot add to my Mac (Airwatch), and I tried to write a long email with the iPhone screen shown via QuickTime and a bluetooth keyboard.

Suddenly the mail was available in the Mail app, and I was able to finish writing the mail on my Mac.

I have no idea how I made that happen (Altough I did insert an image into the mail on my phone).

Is this a feature I can activate intentionally ?


It's a feature called Handoff

OS X El Capitan: Pick up where you left off with Handoff

With Handoff, you can start something on one device (Mac, iOS, or Apple Watch) and pick it up on another without losing focus on what you’re doing. For example, you can start writing an email on your Mac, then pick up where you left off in Mail on your iPhone. Or see a location in Maps on Apple Watch, then explore the area in more detail in Maps on your Mac.

You can use Handoff with many apps—Calendar, Contacts, Keynote, Mail, Maps, Messages, Notes, Numbers, Pages, Reminders, and Safari. Some third-party apps may also work with Handoff.

enter image description here

An app's Handoff icon at the left side of the Dock For Handoff to work, you must use supported devices that are signed in to iCloud using the same Apple ID and on the same Wi-Fi network. The devices must be within Bluetooth range of one another (about 33 feet or 10 meters); make sure Bluetooth is on for your Mac (in System Preferences) and iOS devices (in Settings).

Turn Handoff on or off If you don’t see a Handoff option on your device, it doesn’t work with Handoff.

On your Mac: Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click General, then select “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices” (below “Recent items”). To turn it off, deselect the option.

On iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch: Go to Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps, then tap to turn on Handoff. To turn it off, tap the option.

On Apple Watch: Open the Watch app on iPhone, go to My Watch > General, then tap to turn on Enable Handoff. To turn it off, tap the option.

Hand off between devices From your Mac to an iOS device: The Handoff icon of the app you’re using on your Mac appears on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch in the bottom-left corner of the Lock screen. Just swipe up to continue working in the app.

You can also double-click the Home button on the device to go to the multitasking screen, then swipe right to see the Handoff icon.

From an iOS device or Apple Watch to your Mac: The Handoff icon of the app you’re using on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Apple Watch appears on your Mac at the left end of the Dock (or the top, depending on the Dock position). Just click the icon to continue working in the app.

You can also press Command-Tab to quickly switch to the app that has the Handoff icon.

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