I have an older Mac Pro in 10.11. After a minor update, I can no longer log into my main user account (which is a standard account) with all my files; the rotator goes indefinitely. I can log into any of the other accounts, including the Admin. I have tried safe boot, reset NVRAM, repairing with disk utility, repaired with DiskWarrior, then with Drive Genius 3, then with DiskWarrior again. I have a clone that was made before the minor update, and yet it behaves the same as the main HD. The HDs are fairly full, but there should be room enough. I was regularly logging into my user account right up to the time I did the update, and the clone shouldn't have that update.

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This isn't a permanent solution, BUT it will let you recover your files.

  1. Login to your Admin account
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Type chmod -R 777 /Users/username/
  4. Go to the directory that your user folders are stored in (/Users/)
  5. Retrieve any files needed just using Finder.
  6. Delete user account.


  1. Login to your Admin Account
  2. Open System Preferences
  3. Click Users & Groups
  4. Click reset password on the user.
  5. Change password.

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