I have a MacBook Pro Mid 2012 with built-in SuperDrive. MacBook Pro is running OS X 10.11. I am trying to erase a DVD-RW disc that is filled with some images. But the erase option is greyed out:

Greyed out erase button

Greyed out erase button 2

Note that I do can select a disk image and press Burn "Disk Image.dmg" to disc and erase the disc and write new things to it. But creating a disk image is very slow in my case and I would just like it to simply erase my rewritable DVD disc. Is there a way to use Disk Utility or a 3rd party app to erase my disc? Thanks.


Go into Finder and right click on the DVD, there should be an option "Erase rewritable disk". Apparently that's how to erase disks in El Capitan.

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