I have the newest version of Apple TV. Firmware is up to date.

I set it up in the apartment I used to share with my girlfriend until about a week ago when I moved away for school. After I left, she found herself not only without companionship but also unable to access Netflix or the iTunes store.

I'm guessing this is because I set up the Apple TV using my mac, which is no longer in the apartment with the Apple TV. Assuming this is the case, I'm wondering: is resetting the Apple TV and going through the setup process again the best way for her to "associate" her mac with the Apple TV? Or is there an easy way to do this that won't wipe out all of the configurations we've made?

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On the Apple TV:

  1. Go to Settings > Computers
  2. Turn off Home Sharing
  3. Turn on Home Sharing (it will ask if you want to use your Apple ID or connect using a different one)
  4. Select the option to connect using another account
  5. Have her enter her Apple ID and password in

Of course for this to work, she will have to enable Home Sharing on iTunes on her Mac. For directions, see Apple's guide on setting up Home Sharing.

As for Netflix, you should just be able to log out and log in with a different account.


Check that the network connection is functioning properly. I agree with Q. Sheets' answer about resetting Home Sharing, but that should only affect iTunes/Store related items. If Netflix isn't working, it's more likely a network problem as she should still be able to use your Netflix login.

Try YouTube or some other Internet app to make sure the network is functioning.

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