This is the error I am getting at the moment when I try to log into iMessage. The same error occured when using FaceTime. I can use my appleID for the Appstore. Do you know what I can do about this?

error message

  • It could be that Apple's servers are bogged down because of the WWDC and release of new OS's to developers. I'm not seeing any system outages, though. I would try again later. apple.com/support/systemstatus – TMHahn Jun 14 '16 at 15:55

This is a commmon problem with Hackintosh'ed computers. Is the computer you are using with OSX genuine?

Wether it is a real Mac device or not, the steps to fix this should be very similar. Here is a very long thread describing each step to fix this in great detail.

To start off, I would make sure that your Apple ID is verified. You can check the 'Verified' status of your AppleID by logging into AppleID's online management.

  • thank you for the reply. The Hardware is real mac and the software as well, as far as I know. I have turned off system integrety protection as the only modification to the normal OS X. Where can I find the verified status? I logged in but cant find it. – DiCaprio Jun 16 '16 at 8:44

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