I noticed that I wasn't able to view my iCloud storage usage on my MacBook Pro running OSX Yosemite 10.10.5. To attempt to fix the problem I signed out of iCloud, but now I'm no longer able to sign back in – it displays You can't sign in at this time. Try signing in again. I also cannot sign in with another Apple ID.

Additionally, I haven't been able to install anything from the App Store for a few days as it doesn't ask me for my Apple ID and password, and perpetually displays the 'throbber':

The throbber perpetually runs when attempting to install App Store items.

Reading lists and iCloud tabs are not syncing between my Mac and iPhone 6s either. Strangely, Messages and FaceTime are still signed in and working correctly, and iCloud itself appears okay – I can login to iCloud.com, where I can view and update the files there, seeing the changes on my phone.

So far, I've attempted to delete my iCloud password from Keychain, and delete the ~/Library/Application Support/iCloud/Accounts folder – both with no success. I've checked Apple's System Status, and everything is up and running. I've also followed the advice given in this question, again with no success.

Furthermore, I wanted to create a new Apple ID to test a fresh user, but the Create Apple ID link is greyed out and unclickable:

The iCloud login screen on OSX, with a greyed out Create Apple ID… link.

As I stated earlier, trying to login with another existing Apple ID brings up the error also. Finally, logging in as a different user also doesn't allow me to create an ID, or sign into iCloud.

To sum up:

  1. I can't log into my iCloud account.
  2. Reading lists and iCloud tabs are not syncing.
  3. I can't download anything from the App Store.
  4. I'm not able to create a new Apple ID from my Mac.
  5. Messages and FaceTime are not affected, and are still signed in.
  6. I've attempted to delete my iCloud keychain entry, and iCloud account folder, with no success.

What else can I try? I've installed no anti-virus software, and am sure I haven't downloaded anything suspicious to cause a virus or malware issue.

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