Recently I got a iPhone 5 with iOS 9.3 installed. On connecting it to my computer iTunes said that I needed at least iTunes 12.2.2. I had 12.0 at the time. Mac Running Yosemite.

I clicked download, and App Store launched, and said I had no updates available.

Went through this loop several times.

Called Apple.

Spent an hour on the phone, while the very personable agent walked me through the direct link (support.apple.com/kb/dl1814) Clicking the download button there got me to another page. Clicking download there got me a "Thanks you for downloading..." but the download didn't begin.

I repeated this step with chrome, firefox and safari. No joy.

Booted into safe mode. Didn't help.

Went to two other computers, my wife's where I don't have a login, and my laptop, which runs snow leopard.r No joy from either of those.

We left the ticket unresolved.

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Since the apple advisor was able to perform the download at his end, but I was not able to at my end, my suspicion was that there was a problem with Apple's content distribution network.

This morning I tried again. No joy.

On a hunch I tried logging in on a spare admin account. No problem. connected to the apple support site, and downloaded the update. Worked like a charm.

At this point it's not clear what happened, but with odd behaviour it does bring up one additional possibility to try:

Attempt the update as a different user.

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