How do I tell when my last iPhone backup was?

In previous versions of iTunes

  • there was a info panel available when selecting my mounted iPhone in the left sidebar
    • this panel showed all kinds of useful information!
    • for example, when the last sync/backup was!
  • Now there isn't. No info.

Q: I've backed up my iPhone by right-clicking and choosing "Back Up." But how do I tell when the last backup is from?

Q: is there another place (app?) to find the iPhone's status?

For example, Image Capture has basically replaced Photo for managing the photos on the phone.


The panel is still there and hasn't moved.

  1. Select your iPhone in the toolbar.

  2. The latest backup times and locations are shown under Latest Backup.

    Latest Backup

The version of iTunes is independent of the version of OS X. Image Capture has by no means replaced Photos and was part of OS X long before iPhoto (the predecessor to Photos.app).

  • Aha! Thanks! I didn't know that about Image Capture. My complaint about Photos still stands, however. I'm glad Image Capture is there for my scenario! – MonkeyWidget Jun 11 '16 at 17:08

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