I'm considering migrating to OS X and I have a question on configuring its Mail application. In my current setup, I use Thunderbird configured to keep all sent and received messages from all my POP3 accounts in a single inbox folder, so I can follow my conversations in a nice thread, without having to jump from inbox to sent back and forth. I hope I've described it clearly, if not - I am going for something like this:

Sent and Inbox merged

Would I be able to configure Apple Mail like this? I know I can just install Thunderbird for Mac and copy profile, but I would rather stick to default application if it's possible.


The layout is a bit different than in Thunderbird, but you can get threaded conversations by checking "Include related messages" in the Preferences panel: Screenshot of Preferences panel in Mail

The result will be something like this:

Screenshot of a conversation in Mail

By choosing to "Use classic layout" you can get drop-downs for a thread, but it will only show messages from others, not from yourself. Your replies are shown in the preview pane on the bottom, though.

Screenshot of conversation in Mail in classic view

Edit: I just noticed this myself, but you can also click on the double arrows in the not-Classic view to show individual messages from others.

enter image description here


Don't think so. On iOS, maybe - there are settings to select specific folders as Drafts or Sent or etc. - but in desktop Mail, you cannot select Inbox and change it to function as anything else (selecting a folder allows you to go to the Mailbox menu item and choose "Use this mailbox as..." but options are grayed out if an Inbox folder is selected).

I use Mail.app on mobile. I use Thunderbird on the Mac desktop. Minor complaints aside, I'm happier with that setup, because my mail works as I expect it to on my system - I've been using Thunderbird far too long to want to re-adjust my expectations for a desktop app.

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